Litigation Support

Our litigation support team now includes CPAs licensed in New Jersey, New York, and Florida. We are also certified in Financial Forensics and Business Valuations and we are licensed as Personal Financial Specialists.

In addition to expert report preparation and expert testimony, we also offer the following litigation services:


  • Determination of the value of a business enterprise
  • Measurement of the amount of economic damage allegedly incurred by the Plaintiff
  • Review and analysis of reports prepared by other business valuation professionals
  • Analysis of the work product of adversarial experts prior to litigation
  • Consultation in mediation prior to litigation
  • Assistance during the discovery process
  • Preparation for the depositions of other experts or fact witnesses
  • Assistance in Shareholder and Partnership disputes

Forensic accounting for civil, criminal, and quasi-judicial matters


  • Determination of a party's lost future wages, earning capacity, lost benefits, and damages in tort matters including personal injury, property damage and economic losses such as breach of contract matters

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