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The M&D advantage – Economic Forecast

The Mills & DeFilippis advantage is that CPAs are on the frontline of economic activity and view the economic trends as they actually happen. If you had attended the Mills & DeFilippis business symposium in January of 2013 you would have heard a forecast for a recovery that was weak in nature for several years to come. The National Association for Business Economics (NABE) has now just released a survey (click the below link) showing that the economy has been moving relatively slowly for the last six quarters. Mills & DeFilippis clients were aware of this before it actually took place. CPA’s see the current state of the economy whereas economists look toward the past before determining what actually happened and what may happen in the future.



  • 7 Aug, 2014
  • Mills & DeFilippis, CPAs, LLP
  • CPA, Economist, economy forecast,

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